Are you working on your business, or in your business? It’s too easy to be pulled off course from your business focus and get mired in administrative and daily tasks. We can help reset your compass and carve your niche.

In the initial free consultation we will discuss your current operations and vision. Optimally, this should take place in-person, however, other forms of virtual meeting can be arranged.

Our aim is to thoroughly understand your business and methodology with the intent of preparing a strategy which builds upon the existing foundations of Your business.

Upon the completion of the consultation, we will determine if we can be of service to you and your company. Should a partnership be agreeable to you, we will put together a presentation package outlining goals, deadlines and pricing.

This will include a business plan that outlines your current position, any weaknesses, expected challenges, opportunities, and strategies to improve and move your business forward successfully.

Our intent is to offer suggestions to build a stronger framework, while also highlighting untapped potential and offering recommendations geared toward expanding your client-base and increased revenue/profit. This strategic business plan will be presented to you in your preferred meeting format and reviewed in detail.

Once approved, we will implement all or select stages of the plan. The exact activities and services we will provide will depend on those required by your particular business as expressed in the plan.

We will be the catalyst you need to Carve Your Niche!