Image Management

Niche’s mission is to create, expand, and manage your online presence as well as develop your reputation and polish your overall image. Our fresh approach to marketing combined with a wealth of expertise and experience provides your business with the kickstart it needs. We help you to stay on the cutting edge of technology and teach you a modern marketing approach in order to solidify your presence online which is paramount to your continued success.

Today's consumers are a lot savvier and are quick to share negative experiences through Social Media Channels. Therefore your online reputation must be airtight. No negative publicity can be tolerated when customers search for you. Our objective is for the public to see only your positive image.

Employing Niche to handle the way you are perceived online provides you peace of mind. With our service, the ‘conversation’ among your existing and potential customers is managed down to the last detail. We monitor what is being said on social media sites (like Twitter and Facebook) to ensure that it is consistent with your overall brand image. Through those channels we highlight any recent accomplishments, exciting news, or other information that reflects positively on your business. The last thing anyone wants is to have what is being said cost you money.

We provide you with the tools you need to Carve Your Market effectively and professionally!